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1984 by George Orwell, adapted by Matthew Dunster
on 6th & 7th October 2017 at 8.00pm

The Didsbury Players are proud to present 1984, Orwell's well known dystopian story. 
This adaptation, by Matthew Dunster, was originally performed in the Manchester Royal Exchange in March of 2010.

Our aim is to create an immersive atmosphere so our audience can explore its themes of omnipresent government surveillance,
public manipulation and perpetual war, which are as relevant today as they were when it was written.

cast photo

Paola Arzuffi

Production Manager 
Jon Martin

Winston - David Campbell & David Glover
Julia - Amy Magnone
O’Brien - Mike Evershed
Julia (understudy) -  June Gil Fernandez

Goldstein - Jim Burns
Syme - Kate Atty
Charrington - Alex Hughes
Mr Parsons - James Boucher
Mrs Parsons - Beth Sumner
Parsons Child 1 - Geoff Baker
Parsons Child 2 - Emma Yates
Old Man - Jess Payne
Barman - Emma Yates
Mother - Bekki Glover
Katherine - Ines Cavallo
Prostitute - Melanie Carter 
Prole 1 - Bekki Glover
Prole 2 - Melanie Carter
Prole 3 - Ines Cavallo
Singing Prole - Beth Sumner
Starved young womanMelanie Carter
Bumstead - Ines Cavallo
Martin - Geoff Baker

Thought Police Agents
Geoff Baker
June Gil Fernandez
Emma Yates

Inner Party Ensemble & Telescreen Presenters
Liz Turner
Jess Payne
June Gil Fernandez

Outer Party Ensemble
Beth Sumner
Geoff Baker
Emma Yates
Melanie Carter

Prole Ensemble
Bekki Glover
Ines Cavallo

James Mason - Lighting Tech
Gareth Armstrong - Composer
Rob Goodison - Sound Tech
Lolly Chant - Front of House Manager
Elena Spagnuolo - Stage Management

Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell (© 1949) by permission of the Literary Executor of Mrs S M B Orwell
Matthew Dunster's adaptation performed by permission of the Knight Hall Agency Ltd