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The Merrivale Mysteries

The Merrivale Mysteries are a farcical parody of Miss Marple style detective stories about Miss Merrivale and her partner, former American cop John Cliché.
In 2012 the Didsbury Players performed two theatrical adaptations of these stories as 2 acts in a single show.

The first, "National No-Murder Week" introduces Lord Sputnik of Dixons, a robot friend to the pair who tells them of a shocking murder that someone has the audacity to commit during the annual detective's holiday: National No-Murder Week!

The second story, "After Dinner Death" sees the pair asked to investigate a murder at an after dinner speaking competition only to find their arch rivals, Holmes and Watson, already in attendance.

Performed on the 18th & 19th May 2012

Directed by David Glover
Written by David Baker, Josh Hadley and David Glover

Miss Merrivale - Sarah Wareing
John Cliché -  Ian Duncan
Lord Sputnik of Dixons - Philip Gardener
Lady Herzlos - Heidi Baron
Sherlock Holmes - James Mason
Doctor Watson - Alex Hughes
Maid - Yinling Yin
Ms Hemlock - Anne Marie Saunders
Oleander - Elywin Thomas
Inspector - James Young
Man - Jon Martin

Stage Manager: Jon Martin
Lights & Sound: David Glover