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Pantomime 2011 - Robin Hood, Prince of Chorlton Ees

Performed on the 14th and 15th January 2011

Good Didsbury MP, Richard King, has been hidden away by the wicked Witch Hazel and replaced by his horrible sister. Boo and hiss!

The evil Mancunian MP, Jo King, hates all things green and tree-shaped. Aided by the Sheriff of Altrincham and his terminally stupid half-brother Kevin, a new motorway is planned for a gorgeous green space in Didsbury. 

Can Robin Hood and Team Merry protect the trees and stop this road development? Shall Marianne find her true love? Does Rob have what it takes to win Didsbury's Darts Championship? More importantly, will they get it done before last orders? 

Presenting a medley of heroes, villains, dandy highwaymen, and a giant spider...


 Robin HoodJennie Bailey
 Marianne MaidBekki Hazelwood 
 Sheriff of AltrinchamDavid Glover 
 Mrs AltrinchamJames Mason 
 Jo KingKatie Martin 
 Guy of GortonGeoff Baker 
 Kevin AltrinchamJames Young 
 DeadwoodJim Burns, Geoff Baker 
 Fryer TuckJon Martin 
 Witch HazelKathryn Meddows 
 Medium-Sized JanSarah Lewis 
 Lady Minstrel, Annie SeedSteph Royales 
 Trees & TownspeopleMembers of the cast 


Written byJennie Bailey
Directed byJames Young
Production ManagerDavid Glover 
Stage ManagerJim Burns
Sound & LightingJames Mason, Mike Vogan
ChoreographyKathryn Meddows, Geoff Baker