The Celesta Players Committee is voted for every year at our annual AGM (where we also agree the slate of next year's productions), the only requirement to be nominated for a place on the Committee is that you have been a fully paid up member of Celesta Players for over 1 year (meaning your 2nd AGM would be the first you could be elected at).

Chairman: Jim Burns

Jim has been a member of Celesta Players since 2005 and was elected as Chairman in 2008.

Treasurer: Katherine Meddows

Katherine is the longest standing member of Celesta Players and has been "acting" Treasurer since 2006.

Secretary: Ffion Jones

Ffion joined Celestas in 2008 and has been the Secretary since 2010.

Technical Manager: James Mason

James joined Celesta Players in 2006 and Technical Manager since 2010.

eCommunications Manager: James Young

James has been a member of Celesta Players since 2010 and joined the Committee in 2011.